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Paus PMKM Mining and PMKT Tunneling Haul Truck lines are configured to be narrow in width with payloads ranging from 17 to 22 tons. 

Paus Articulated Underground Dump Trucks designed for mining applications can be driven with ease in the even narrowest of locations or in places where there is two way traffic.  An array of different cassettes can also be substituted quickly with the innovative hydraulic "quick change" frame system.

The Paus PMKS Pushwall Dump Truck enables material to be transported then dumped without tipping.  The loaded material is pressed out through an integral pushwall at the rear of the bucket making this vehicle optimal for low mines with low overhead clearance.

Paus underground haul trucks for mining and tunneling are built with the following:

  • Stable chassis with articulated steering and oscillating front axle
  • Change-on-move gear box, full power shift
  • Planetary rigid axles with enclosed oil-immersed multiple-disc brakes
  • Excellent access for maintenance purposes
  • A range of bucket volumes available upon request



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Visit the underground mining dump truck model pages below for additional images and specifications.

Image Model Payload Dump Box Capacity Heaped
PMKM 10010
PMKM 10010 48,500 lbs 15 cu yd
PMKM 10020
PMKM 10020 48,500 lbs 15 cu yd
PMKS 10010
PMKS 10010 48,500 lbs 11.1 cu yd
PMKT 10010
PMKT 10010 48,500 lbs 15 cu yd